The technical and desert course of Dakar Series China Rally makes it the perfect training ground for pilots who have the ambition to compete in the Dakar. As the organization is mostly based on the Dakar standards, the participants of the Dakar Series China Rally will be in conditions close to the ones on the hardest and the most prestigious cross-country rally in the world.

Beyond training, the desert of Inner Mongolia is a demanding but rewarding land. The framework of this part of China is the perfect place to get ready for the South America ground. By the way, the link between the Dakar rally and its “young brother” is real: one free registration for the 2018 Dakar will be offer to the best Chinese team (who has never competed the Dakar before) on the overall rank.

Dakar Series China Rally
Dakar Series China Rally


The Dakar Series races are satellite events to the Dakar. This label was launched in 2008 and gather races from 3 days to 1 week on competition. Allowing to discover new territories, it is the good opportunity for the pilots and riders to train and be prepared to the most prestigious and hardest cross rally, the Dakar.

Indeed, Dakar Series-labeled events share values of the Dakar:

  • Adventure: demanding roads with sand dunes

  • Discovery: cross desert and scenic landscapes

  • Solidarity: amateurs and elite pilots together

  • Performance: premium motorsports events

  • Organization: top quality event based on Dakar standards

  • Security: high quality measures