Where the dream begins…

The Dakar Series China Rally is the new event joining the Dakar Series races, settling for the first time in Asia in 2017. The first edition will be held from 24th to 30th of September in China, in the Alxa League of Inner Mongolia.

Dakar Series China Rally

In the heart of the China desert

Open to the Car, SxS and truck categories, the rally will bring the pilots to cross the scenic landscapes of the region, one of the biggest sand desert on earth. After the start ceremony in the city of Baotou, the participants will challenge a route of 7 demanding special stages, in the heart of the sand dunes of the Alxa League. They will have the opportunity to live an authentic Dakar experience before, maybe, taking up the challenge of the hardest rally raid in the world.

A marvelous extreme adventure

The route of this new event is created by Dakar experts, based on the standards of the most prestigious rally raid in the world. Long and hard roads, desert and scenic framework, amazing landscapes with lot of sand: the course will bring an incredible experience to the pilots.

Dakar Series China Rally
Dakar Series China Rally

The young brother of the Dakar Rally

In addition of the route, conferences about piloting and navigation will be led by an experienced Dakar pilot and a Dakar Tour conference will take place during the competition. The Dakar Series China Rally will share and spread passion and the history of the Dakar. Last but not least, lot of awards will be offer at the end of the competition, especially a free ticket for the Dakar 2018 for the best Chinese team who never has the chance to participate to the most prestigious cross country rally. Definitely, this race will serve as a stepping stone towards the Dakar.

Tiziano Siviero, Sporting Director of Dakar Series China Rally: “I’m used to working in a lot of desert ground, on several continents, to build special stages and I have never seen such impressive sand dunes. This part of China will be a perfect terrain for the competitors, offering them a demanding route and providing an excellent driving experience.”

Zhu Chenguang, Sporting Coordinator of Dakar Series China Rally: “Inner Mongolia is an attractive region for hosting a rally-raid and drivers will be glad to discover or rediscover this desert framework. Indeed, the route will explore track and off-pist never practiced before and special stages of Dakar Series China Rally will be built based on Dakar Rally standards. The course will have a highly innovative side and will contribute to enhance the quality of the competition.”